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Mac Revisions after Leopard

Rumor is that the MacBook will see a speed bump after the Leopard release. The revision could mirror the speed bump earlier this year, or we could see Santa Rosa chips in the MacBook finally. We’ll find out soon enough, and Steve Jobs has been making comments lately that lead me to believe that we will see many of the Mac lines refreshed ahead of the holiday season.

Source: Think Secret

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Apple Media Event Could Bring New iPods

Tomorrow Apple is having a media event. Rumors are swirling that we may see some new iPods. Specifically an iPod that mirrors the iPhone with a wide touchscreen. Or an iPod Nano that plays video. And the iPods might even run Apple’s mobile version of OSX. So there are some exciting possibilities, and we will find out tomorrow whether any of them pan out. In the evening I will have a roundup of any announcements that come out of tomorrow’s Apple event.

I’m hoping for a wi-fi iPod, but that could just be wishful thinking. What are you hoping for?

Sources: Think Secret, AppleInsider

Lower Cost iPhone

There could be a lower cost version of Apple’s iPhone, according to AppleInsider. The model would potentially be released by this holiday season, possibly in a few months. It would combine an iPod with a cellphone’s base features, and not have email or web browsing.

This would definitely make sense, since the iPhone is too expensive for many people. A lower cost version would give choices like the iPod line does. And we all know that is doing well.

Source: AppleInsider

iMac Update Coming This Summer?

I talked about the iMac rumors in episode 2 of AppleWatch Live (link), and now AppleInsider is reporting that “Apple hopes to unveil the new systems sometime between the latter half of July and mid-August.” Of course this may not happen, but it would do well for the back-to-school market. And I know someone in the education sector who is looking to get an iMac. Could a redesigned iMac be available in a 20 and 24-inch model? We should know more as it gets closer if the iMac distribution channels dry up as they often do ahead of a product line update.

Source: AppleInsider

iPhone Rumors: Coming Monday?

For the past few weeks iPhone rumors have been coming fast and furiously. The most recent ones say that an announcement from Apple is coming Monday. We will know soon whether that’s true. The rumors are also saying that the iPhone will initially come in two versions: a 4GB and 8GB version with price points a bit higher than the corresponding iPod nano. Would you buy an iPhone?

Source: AppleInsider

iPhone News Roundup

In a previous story, I wrote that Softbank was working with Apple to develop mobile phones with built-in iPod music players. The story was later discredited, but in the past few weeks more information has been leaked that suggest an iPhone may be closer than we think.

First, Think Secret reported that Apple and Cingular have signed an agreement that will make the cell phone service provider the exclusive carrier of Apple’s coming phone for the first six months of its release in early 2007. After that other providers would be able to sell the phone. They also reported that Apple’s phone will feature acandy-bar design with a 2.2-inch display and 3 megapixel camera. (Source: Think Secret)

Second, AppleInsider discovered that Apple filed for a trademark on the term iPhone. In the September 15th filing, Apple describes iPhone as “handheld and mobile digital electronic devices for the sending and receiving of telephone calls, faxes, electronic mail, and other digital data; MP3 and other digital format audio players.” It may also play games and a prototype may be near completion. (Source: AppleInsider)

And lastly, AppleInsider reported on a Prudential report that believes Apple plans to introduce two iPod-based cell phone models. One including an integrated keyboard, video and music capability. The other being a slimmer phone with only music functionality. (Source: >AppleInsider)

The reports should be taken with a grain of salt, especially that last one based on a Prudential analyst’s research. Many people have gotten it wrong when it comes to figuring out what Apple is up to, yet many have also been right. It makes sense for Apple to release an iPhone, and it makes even greater sense to have an integrated device that can go up against the likes of the Treos and Blackberrys of the world. Could this be the evolution of the Newton?

Think Secret’s Pre-WWDC Rumors

As always Think Secret has a bunch of rumors ahead of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on Monday. They are saying that Apple will be unveiling the last systems that have yet to be transitioned to Intel processors, meaning the Mac Pro and Xserve. They may also unveil other products, along with a demonstration of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. (Source: Think Secret)

As always I will scrounge around for whatever information I can find on Monday. And PodTech will be streaming live from the conference (Source).

I can’t wait for the day when I can report from more conferences and get paid to do it. Here’s to a hopefully fun-filled Monday.

Wireless Mighty Mouse Coming

Apple plans to release a Bluetooth version of its popular multi-button mouse. While this is a nice development for Mac users, I will be sticking with my Logitech MX1000 Laser mouse.

Source: AppleInsider

Nvidia to Power Next-Gen Video iPod

According to Wall Street analysts, Nvidia is designed into the next-generation video iPod. This may lead to better graphics and video features. The consumer wins in this situation, while Broadcom comes out as the loser.

Source: AppleInsider

Fifth Avenue Apple Store Opening Friday

Apple Store pictures The new Apple Store in NYC will be opening tomorrow. Word is that it will be open 24/7, 365 days a year. And they might be giving away a Macbook every hour for the first 24 hours starting at 6PM tomorrow. The article also mentions that the next store will be in Freehold, NJ. If that is true I should be able to check it out if I am around when it opens.

Until the Freehold store opens I can always hop the train to the city for all my Apple needs, and if it truly never closes I can go at 3am.

Source: Gothamist (via Uneasysilence)

17″ MacBook Pro Soon?

Lately I’ve been trying to not report on rumors, but I just had to mention this one. AppleInsider is reporting that Apple will unveil the 17-inc MacBook Pro at the National Association of Broadcasters conference next week. They say the notebook is expected to run at speeds faster than the 2.0GHz 15-inch MacBook Pro and have greater storage capacity.

This is the machine that I have been eagerly anticipating, especially with my birthday just around the corner. I’ve tried the 15-inch when I was in Texas for a conference a few weeks ago and the screen did look great, but I prefer at least a 17-inch display. For far too long I was stuck with 15-inchers and I won’t go back to that dark period of computing. We shall see if this notebook does indeed get released.

New Apple Laptops Have Manufacturers

EMSNow is reporting that Quanta and Asustek have been given the original design manufacturer orders for the new lines of Intel-based Apple notebooks. Quanta is expected to be responsible for the high-end PowerBook line, while Asustek is to produce the entry-level iBooks.

Source: EMSNow (Via MacNN)

Intel to Develop Power Mac Motherboard for Apple

According to a report by AppleInsider, Apple’s engineering labs have worn thin with an aggressive move to introduce four Intel-based Mac Models in the first quarter of 2006.

“By enlisting the help of Intel to design (and possibly manufacture) the Power Mac motherboard, Apple hopes to remain on track to begin shipping the first Intel Power Mac models during the third quarter of 2006, sources added.

It’s likely, but not confirmed, that the new Power Macs will adopt Intel’s next-generation desktop processor, code-named Conroe, also expected to ship around the same time. Unlike Intel’s Pentium 4 processors and derivatives, Conroe will not use the company’s NetBurst architecture and instead will be based on a completely new architecture, sources say.”

Source: AppleInsider

Are Intel Macs Coming Sooner?

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple Computer is on schedule to unveil the first Macs with Intel processors as early as January. Their sources tell them that the iMac and PowerBook “are targeted to be the first two Mac models to receive Intel Processors in January.” They are also Apple’s best-selling Mac models. This would help alleviate concerns that Mac sales will slow down as consumers wait for the new Intel Macs.

Source: AppleInsider

Two New iPods, Four New Macs

Think Secret is reporting that the Wednesday event Apple has been telling people about will see the unveiling of two new iPods, each in black or white, and at least four new Mac configurations. The iPods would sport smaller enclosures, and the $399 iPod could see a capacity upgrade to 80GB while the $299 iPod could double capacity to 40GB. It remains to be seen whether these rumors are true, but not many Mac enthusiasts expect to see a Video iPod.

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