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iPhone Impressions

I recently spent some time in an Apple store and it was the first time I personally used an iPhone. I was impressed with how small and sleek it was. Turning it to the side to switch to the widescreen mode wasn’t as smooth as I would like, but that could have been specific to the display model I was using. Also, typing with my big hands was nearly impossibly since I couldn’t get it to delete any characters I mistyped and I couldn’t type some other letters. I would need a larger typing area if I was to buy an iPhone, or a system that worked better. But I did enjoy flipping through music albums and zooming in on photos with my fingers.

I must have spent a half hour checking it out and listening to the eclectic selection of music they loaded onto the display iPhones. I was impressed, but not enough to switch to AT&T/Cingular. I would love a phone that worked on Verizon and let me make free calls from a WiFi connection.

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Belkin TuneSync for iPod

The Belkin TuneSync for iPod works as a 5-port USB hub and iPod dock. USB is Hi-speed and works like a charm. I have yet to be able to plug my iPod into the dock because I am waiting for a 2nd Gen iPod Nano adapter from Belkin. They say it’s free but I have no idea when it will ship. Below you can find a slideshow of photos and link to the album.

Belkin TuneSync photo album

Belkin F5U255q TuneSync for iPods on Amazon

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