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KBCafe Blog Awards Winner: Best Apple Blog

Well it looks like AppleWatch has won the 2005 KBCafe Blog Award for Best Apple Blog with 29% of the vote. We beat out the Mac Observer and The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Here’s to another year of Apple news and speculation.

Rock the Vote, Vote or Die, Get out the vote

All those slogans can be used for this campaign. AppleWatch was nominated for Best Tech Blog a couple of weeks ago after some confusion in the nominating process. It was actually in the running for “Worst Everything Blog”, but they decided to keep it after realizing their mistake. I would greatly appreciate your vote. And if you do vote for me, you’re cool in my book, and that’s not just because you voted for me. Promise. If I ever meet you in person, I’ll give you a hardy hand shake.

If the stress of applying two clicks to the mouse is too much, please disregard the next message. My buddy over at BusinessBits is also up for an award under Best New Blog - and I’m pretty sure that’s the original category they planned for him. He certainly deserves it, so he’ll probably appreciate you vote too. I’m just not so sure he’ll offer the hand shake deal too.

Yes, even Microsoft

Speaking on terms of anonymity, a Microsoft employee proves that everyone loves their iPod. Even Bill.

From InsideMicrosoft:

Wired reports that as many as 16,000 of Microsoft’s 25,000 employees own iPods, or about 80% of the music-player owning population at the software company, even as Microsoft tries to convince consumers that its products are better. Microsoft has even sent out memos discouraging the use of iPods, and the nearby Apple store can’t restock the shelves fast enough. The article is just filled with paragraphs begging for pull quotes…

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InsideGoogle: “Google Mini”, days after Mac mini release

InsideGoogle is reporting that Google is leveraging on the whole “mini” title to release their new server solution: the Google Mini. But the name is apt, it is quite a bit smaller than Googles (is that what you would call it?) of yore. Read all the details at InsideGoogle. Main difference? Google uses a capital ‘M’, while Apple doesn’t. The lawyers will have fun with that technicality.

Technovations’ thoughts are leaning towards Apple

Another member of the Blog News Channel, Technovations has been covering what he thinks of Apple’s latest releases. There can the “gadgeteer’s” thoughts on the iPod shuffle and if you should switch to a mac (you should) because of the new release of the Mac mini.